Sanitize Clothes, Shoes & Gear without Water, Detergents or Chemicals in Less than 10 Minutes 

Mona uses air pressure to vaporize odors, bacteria, and oils.
Refresh clothes between cleanings
Preserve their mint condition

Laundry is Facing a Crisis

Ocean Pollution
Time Savings


 Clothes Don't Need to be Washed or Dry Cleaned 

Energy Efficiency


US Annual Energy Spend on Laundry


We've Been Through the Struggle

Our Story

Fathhome started out to solve the problem of a college student not wanting to do laundry. As engineers, we wanted to apply technology to solve this problem. That's why we created Mona. 

Our Vision

After talking to and learning from hundreds of people, we turned our simple problem into a mission to change the world and make a difference. We are starting with Mona to create a responsible way we take care of our clothes


Mona is a connected device that uses patent-pending technology that is harmless to the fit, fabric, and color of your clothes. It's perfect for dry clean clothes or workout clothes with plastic fibers that are hard to remove odors.


How Mona Works


Mona is about the size of a medium trash can and plugs into any electrical outlet.  All you do is throw a garment into it just like you would a washing machine.

Technology at Work

After closing the lid, you use the Fathhome app to guide you through the cleaning process. Now, grab some coffee.

Easily Done!

10 min later, the app will let you know that your Mona is done. Pull out your clothes and inhale deeply and enjoy your refreshed clothes.

What Mona Works Best With

Mona doesn't remove stains, fold, iron, or put away your laundry just yet.  But Mona does help care for your most precious clothes in a cost-effective, environmentally conscious, and sustainable way.  

Work Out Clothes

Mona removes the odors from your favorite yoga pants, wicking shirts, shorts, and undergarments made from polyester in less time than it takes to decide to go to the gym. Many times we have to handwash them or double wash them to feel confident to wear them again at the gym.

Dry Cleaning

Mona helps save people money and time instead of hauling their clothes to their dry cleaner. Many people we talk to were frustrated because their clothes were still not odor free or "clean" after being dry cleaned. Mona doesn't press or fold clothes yet...but it's still early. :-) 

Anything You Love

Mona can take care of any clothing that needs the ultimate care like denim, leather, suede, fur, silk, cashmere, velvet, corduroy, and more. Join our community to stay up to date with our progress. 

Happy Beta Customer - Berkeley California

Best invention ever!! I'm SO happy right now. I tried so hard to get my precious sweaters odor free for a long time. ❤️❤️


Fathhome is currently private beta testing Mona with people just like you. Join our growing list of interested customers, supporters, and visionaries on our mission.  You'll be the first to know and help us change the world.