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Mona uses air pressure and ionization to decontaminate 99.99% of COVID-19*

No water, detergents or chemicals

The World Needs New Tools to Fight Viruses & Bacteria

Personal Protective Equipment Costs are Skyrocketing
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Lives Are at Risk

 Healthcare workers, nursing facilities and first responders risk their lives by re-wearing PPE that is exposed to viruses.

Waste from PPE is Overwhelming the World 
Who are we

Our Moral Obligation to Help

Our Story

Fathhome started out to solve the problem of a college student not wanting to do laundry. As engineers, we wanted to apply technology to solve this problem. That's why we created Mona. 

Our Vision

After the pandemic hit, we saw healthcare facilities in short supply for N95 masks and having to re-wear PPE, putting lives at risk. We felt we had a moral responsibility to help. We pivoted our focus to fight viruses and bacteria on PPE.

Proven Virucidal

Mona's patented sanitization process is harmless to the fit, form, and function of anything placed inside. It doesn't use water, detergents or chemicals. The University of Nevada Reno tested it on N95 masks and proved Mona decontaminates 99.999999% of COVID-19. Contact us to learn more.

Funded By

How it works

How Dry Sanitization Works


Mona is about the size of a medium trash can and plugs into any electrical outlet.  All you do is put your items inside into it just like you would a washing machine. No pre-treatment is required.

Technology at Work

After closing the lid, you use the Fathhome app to guide you through the sanitizing process. Mona's patented process doesn't use water, detergents or chemicals to sanitize. It permeates every nook and crevice removing viruses and bacteria.

Easily Done!

15 min later, the app will let you know that sanitization is done. Pull out your items. The dry sanitation process doesn't harm or change the materials in anyway. The items are ready to re-wear or use immediately. Have peace of mind that bacteria and viruses have been eradicated.

What Mona Works Best With


Mona's process permeates N95 masks, gowns, shoe coverings and other porous materials removing any trace of virus. It also works on shields and other non-porous materials. Today's mask sterilization solutions require overhead and management. Mona can be easily used by the person with PPE and be placed anywhere.


Electronics, medical equipment and other sensitive items that are high touch and high exposure are perfect to be sanitized by Mona. Wipes and disinfectants cause harm to screens and electronics. Mona is safe to use on anything including items touched by children.

Anything You Love

Viruses and bacteria can last for hours to days on any high touch or high exposure item. UV, aerosolized alcohol and wipes can degrade or reduce the life span of items. Now we have a new way to help fight back against viruses and bacteria. Use it on clothes, deliveries, packages, shoes, and more.

All Bay Area PPE

Sanitized masks for Bay Area healthcare workers.

Request demo
X-Ray Results

Fathhome is currently private beta testing Mona with healthcare facilities, nursing centers, and first responder stations. Join our growing list of interested customers, supporters, and visionaries on our mission.  You'll be the first to know and help us change the world. 

Thanks for Joining Our Community

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